Saturday, October 25, 2008

Disney's Chicago Adventure

This image of the new entrance to Disney's California Adventure, published on Mice Age, caught my eye.

First, it's a virtual duplicate of the entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios), which in turn was inspired by the Pan Pacific Auditorium, built in 1935 in Los Angeles.

Second, the typography topping the streamline modern edifice is rendered in Chicago, Susan Kare's face developed in 1984 for Apple's Macintosh computer. Disney rarely makes such anachronistic errors, so I'm hoping it was added as a placeholder by another artist after the rendering was done.

Oddly, Chicago is often the "go to" typeface for Hollywood designers when making signs used in film and television. Perhaps, like the Whilhem scream, it's become an industry in-joke.


Hoot Gisbson said...

Remember when we were dumb enough to wait in the parking all night for the opening of Disney/MGM. I wish I had those hours back.

How Bowers said...

Oh come on, it was fun! I don't think i'd ever forget you laying down in the middle of World Drive trying to convince security that we were safe there waiting for the park to open.